Plastic Profiling Specialists Ltd.
High quality products always on time.


 Laser Cutting

  • Able to cut up to 50mm thick.

  • Able to cut thick material without the edge looking like a 50 pence piece.

  • Can cut up to 3 x 2 meter sheets with minimal material wastage between parts.

  • Has interchangeable beds ensuring a continuous and time effective production.

  • Ability to cut PETG, polystyrene and polypropylene along with acrylic and high impact acrylic.

Laser Engraving

  • Engrave up to 3 x 2 meter sheets of acrylic to a decent quality.

  • Engrave small pieces of either plastic, wood or metal to a high quality.


  • Create pockets, counter bores

  • Enables us to machine specialist materials that are not compatible with our lasers

  • 2019 will see the arrival of our first 5 axis inc, giving a lot more scope for profiles.


  • Although we do not design directly in house, we do have the knowledge and the ability to create working prototypes from a brief, negating the need for 3d models.

  • We also have key relationships with freelance designers that can bring your idea to life if a prototype is not applicable.


  • Top and bottom timed

  • Sheet heating to obtain a larger radius without having the cost of drape forming

  • cold forming machinery for thinner gauge material

  • 2019 will see an investment in a drape forming station including an oven and a controlled temperature cooling area.


  • From quick POS bonding to more intricate 2 part bonding and lamination processes

  • Able to create polyethylene and polypropylene welding for tanks and the food industry.

  • specialists in mechanical fixing for specialists materials or projects.


  • Various vertical head diamond polishing machines that can polish up to 150mm thick in either matte or gloss and have the ability to add a beveled angle of up to 60 degrees.

  • Able to flame polish intricate or thicker surfaces.

  • Buffing for extra clarity on the end result.


  • High quality UV printer that can print directly to most substrates.