Plastic Profiling Specialists Ltd.
High quality products always on time.


Our team is highly skilled from specialist programmers through to fabricators. 



Laser cutting.

We have 2 specialist plastic laser cutting machines - both are:-

  • 1000 watt allowing us to cut acrylic up to 50mm thick

  • 3 by 2m - allows us to cut full sheets

  • Equipped with interchangeable bed - allowing continuous cutting which is more efficient and and cost effective.

Laser engraving

  • 2 x lasit fly air 20w galvo lasers allow very high quality engraving onto plastic or metal.

  • 2 x raster heads on both our large lasers mean we can engrave a full sheet



  • 1x maxicam m4 with a 3m by 2m bed and tool changer

  • 1x multicam with a 3m by 2m bed

  • 2 x wadkin overhead routers

  • Various table routers and hand routers


  • 1 x shannon hp 300 - top and bottom wire heaters

  • 2 x shannon HRK 125 - top and bottom wire heaters

  • 1 x clarke 2250mm - top and bottom wire heaters

  • 1 x clarke 1000mm sheet heater


  • dcm dervative quick bonding for pos type work

  • use of 2 part adhesives for bonding and laminating

  • UV bonding



  • 2 x Bermaq large vertical head polishers- 1 with a buffing head for a superior finish

  • 2 x Homag large vertical head polishers

  • 1 x Bermag AMT table top polisher

  • 2 x Euracryl 45 degree polishers

  • Various flame polishing options


  • Mimaki UJF-6042 MK II UV printer